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Sasha White on Ghetto Gaggers
Sasha White wants to be a porn star... but no one wants to have sex with her. That's quite a conundrum. She has a nice set of big natural tits, but a face like Cuba Gooding Jr. By the time the scene was over, if felt like I was in a sequel to Boyz N the Hood. Seriously though... this scene is fucking gross!
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Jesse Taylor on FacialAbuse.com
The fans have spoken and we listened! Jesse Taylor returns in an epic sequel, one to set the bar even higher. To start, this one is messy. Her first time here, she managed to keep her belly oats to herself. This time... her stomach contents, as well as her dignity, lay all over the floor. Gross! Gio and Harker were ramped up to get a second crack...
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Miguelina Acosta on LatinaAbuse.com
Whew... I feel like I just learned Spanish by pronouncing her name, right? Anyway, Miguelina Acosta is a slightly chubby whore with big tits, a poorly shaved pussy but a determination to completely embarrass her entire family. This girl came in and nailed it. She choked down both hard cocks and spilled the literal "beans" all over herself.
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Moesha on Black on Black Crime
Moesha is a hood booger from Tennessee. She's worked with us a few times on Ghetto Gaggers and now she's helping us break in the new guy, Big D. She's a petite ebony with a nice soft ass, decent tits and a face built for slapping the fuck out of. Trust me... she can take a shot. Big D pimp slaps that ho like she stole something....
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